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Why South Sea pearls are so expensive

Submitted by Tech Insider on September 23, 2022 - 10:45am
  • South Sea pearls can grow to over 20 millimeters, more than double the size of an Akoya pearl.
  • It can take five years for a Pinctada maxima oyster to produce a single pearl. 
  • The Pinctada maxima oyster is farmed in its natural habitat: the South Sea.

South Sea pearls are the largest cultured-pearl variety, sometimes reaching over 20 millimeters in diameter. The Pinctada maxima oyster can take up to five years to produce a single South Sea pearl, whereas more common freshwater oysters can take as little as three months and create dozens of pearls. This long cultivation process makes South Sea pearls rarer — and more expensive. A single South Sea pearl can cost $1,500, and a necklace can reach over $200,000. So, how are these pearls grown? And what makes them so expensive?

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