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What Americans really think of the top 20 highest paid entertainers

Submitted by Tech Insider on August 15, 2016 - 4:19pm

Ellen DeGeneres and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dominated this year's Forbes Celebrity 100 list, making $60 million more than runner-up One Direction.

But when it comes to what Americans think, Swift isn't always the top dog across the board. Ellen DeGeneres, who only placed at No. 13 on Forbes' list of the highest-earning entertainers, actually comes out on top in certain categories more often than not.

SurveyMonkey sampled 2,500 adults in the United States across five surveys to examine how Americans rank the top 20 celebrities from Forbes' Celebrity 100 list based on business savvy, respect, talent, contribution to society, and more.

See how LeBron James, DeGeneres, Swift, Rush Limbaugh, The Rolling Stones, and more ranked: 

Most valued: Ellen DeGeneres

Most attractive: Taylor Swift

Highest IQ: Dr. Phil

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