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Snapchat is reportedly buying a search app for over $100 million

Submitted by The Verge on August 15, 2016 - 6:13pm

Snapchat is reportedly finalizing an acquisition of Vurb, a search app for smartphones, for well over $100 million in stock and cash, according to The Information. Exactly what Snapchat plans to do with the five-year-old startup isn't clear; Vurb markets its app as a convenient tool for searching, discovering trending topics, and carrying out tasks like making reservations and hailing Uber / Lyft without hopping between several different apps. Here's a writeup The Next Web did on the service last year.

But it never really found much success on the App Store or Google Play. Snapchat might want to repurpose the company's technology either for integration within messages or for potential future features like discovery / recommendations....

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