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Google may reveal ‘Nest Wifi’ with beacons that double as smart speakers on October 15th

Submitted by The Verge on September 17, 2019 - 3:06pm

Google’s mesh Wi-Fi router — Google Wifi — is nearly three years old, but it may be getting a radically different design next month. 9to5Google is reporting that the company is prepping a new “Nest Wifi” that pairs a single new hub router with two new “beacons” that will double as Google Assistant smart speakers, giving you the equivalent of two additional Google Home Mini speakers to cover additional rooms of your house with both Wi-Fi and sound.

You may note that Google would be effectively copying Amazon’s second-gen Eero router by going with a pair of beacons to extend Wi-Fi coverage across your house, which could have pros and cons. In our review, we found the second-gen Eero to be just as capable as the first-gen model overall, but...

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