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Cabin's 'moving hotel' bus returns with more spacious sleeping space

Submitted by Mashable on September 12, 2019 - 8:00am


Those trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco can be torturous. A three-hour delay on a 45-minute flight or a less-than-scenic road trip down Interstate 5 in grueling traffic for way too many hours is never any fun. So why not sleep through it?

Cabin, an overnight bus with beds, launched back in 2017, but it's been off the road for the past six months to improve its "hotel bus." After a year of service traveling the roughly 400 miles between San Francisco and Santa Monica, the unique transportation startup learned what its passengers wanted for the overnight journey.

Cabin is back this week, with two revamped buses that are all about maximizing a restful night's sleep while still getting you to your destination.  Read more...

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