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Best tempered glass screen protectors for OnePlus One

Submitted by Android Central on August 16, 2016 - 7:00am

What's the best way to protect the screen on my OnePlus One?

The OnePlus brand is all about beautifully designed products using the best build materials. It even has an aspirational motto, Never Settle. But even the best built phone have glass screens that need an extra layer of protection from the scratches, falls, and everything else life throws your way.

Your best bet for saving your screen is a tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus One, so let's get to it.

Note: This post is about the OnePlus One, not the OnePlus 3. We have your OnePlus 3 accessories, too!

Orzly OnePlus ONE Premium 0.24mm tempered glass screen protector

With a thickness of 0.24mm, this offering from Orzly is the thinnest tempered glass screen protector you will find for your OnePlus One. Featuring an industry-standard 9H hardness rating, it should easily withstand scratching if you put your phone in the same pocket as your keys. Orzly also included an oleophobic coating to ensure your screen stays fingerprint and smudge-free and rounded edges to prevent chipping and improve the in-hand feel of your phone.

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amFilm OnePlus One tempered glass screen protector

Claiming to offer 99.9% transparency, you may well forget you've installed amFilm's tempered glass screen protector on your OnePlus One. One thing that separates this option from the competitors is the decision to cut out around the sensors and earpiece speaker instead of leaving a slim bridge of tempered glass that's susceptible to cracking. It still covers the front-facing camera, but due to that transparency, you shouldn't notice any effects on your selfies. Package includes the screen protector, Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth, Plastic Squeeze Card, Installation and User Guide, and a lifetime replacement warranty.

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iFlash three-pack of OnePlus One tempered glass screen protectors

We use tempered glass protectors to take the brunt of the daily abuse our phones endure. As such, if a nasty fall occurs it's the screen protector's job to shatter first. iFlash offers the best value here with a three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors — featuring the hardness and oleophobic coating you'd want — so if you smash one up you don't have to live with a cracked screen protector. It's like an insurance policy on your insurance policy. Package includes three complete sets for installation: screen protector, alcohol cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth, bubble removal card, and a dust-removal adhesive strip. iFlash also offers a one-year manufacturer replacement warranty.

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PThink 2.5D Round Edge 0.3mm Ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for OnePlus One

PThink offers another reliable, quick-to-install option for protecting your OnePlus One screen. At 0.3mm, it's thin enough to be barely noticeable, with rounded edges offering a precise fit and avoid chipping. If and when this screen protector gets damaged, the nano glass cracks behind a film to prevent the glass edges from being exposed, which allows you to continue safely using the screen protector even when cracked. Package includes a cleaning kit to prepare your screen ahead of installation. Hammer and disembodied hand sold separately.

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Nillkin Anti-burst tempered glass screen protector for OnePlus One

Another outstanding option for protecting your OnePlus One screen is this offering from Nillkin. Made of AGC glass material rated to the standard 9H hardness rating and featuring HARVES nano-technology to repel water and grease, your phone will be well protected. Along with the screen protector itself, the package includes a wet wipe, electrostatic dust film, de-dusting cleaning film and a professional screen wipe cloth to make installation a breeze.

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What do you use?

Have you had any experiences with the screen protectors we've recommended? Let us know in the comments!