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8 beautifully designed budget hotels where you can stay for around $100

Submitted by Tech Insider on August 16, 2016 - 8:45am


On the spectrum of travel lodging, there's an option that falls somewhere between couchsurfing and booking a luxury hotel room: staying in a budget hotel. Though cheap hotels have gotten a reputation for being dingy, there are quite a few that are well-designed, feel inviting, and have great character. 

Here are eight of them around the world with rooms you can book for approximately $100.

El Patio 77 is a bed and breakfast in the Colonia San Rafael neighborhood in Mexico City. Its rooms are sparsely decorated but stately.

The hallways are brimming with plants.

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Rooms at El Patio 77 start at $87 for a private bedroom with a shared bathroom, $114 for an en suite bathroom.

Hotel Praktik has four hotels in Barcelona. This one, which is next to a huge garden, has cozy bright bedrooms. The walls are filled with hanging prints.

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