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The 14 most amazing spaceships players have found in 'No Man's Sky'

Submitted by Tech Insider on August 15, 2016 - 4:59pm

In the huge new PlayStation 4 game "No Man's Sky," you're a lone traveler exploring an endless universe full of planets, aliens, and billions of stars.

Of course, if you want to explore that universe, you're going to need a ship.

No Man's Sky

Good thing for you that "No Man's Sky" is absolutely rife with spaceships of all types. Here are some of the craziest ones we've found in our travels, both in the game and on the internet:

The ships range in size from smaller ships (like the one in the background) to gigantic space trucks. That red ship in the foreground is huge!

There are some pretty amazing mid-size ships as well. This guy looks straight out of "The Last Starfighter" (look it up, kiddos!).

One player on Reddit found this glorious beast in matte black. Gorgeous!

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