The 30 biggest stadiums in world sports, ranked by crowd capacity

Submitted by Tech Insider on March 18, 2018 - 6:57am

Sooner Stadium

The world is home to some truly gigantic sports venues, covering much-loved sports like football, soccer, and rugby.

To work out which stadium is king, we have collected official crowd capacity data from the venues to produce a power ranking based on their size as of March 2018.

When it comes to game day, it is fair to say these stadiums can become as heavily-populated as small cities.

Theresa May's ministers repeatedly warned that Brexit would put Britain at risk from Russia

Submitted by Tech Insider on March 18, 2018 - 3:45am

theresa may vladimir putin

LONDON — This week Prime Minister Theresa May received the backing of Britain's European allies after the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

European Council President, Donald Tusk, was one of the first to offer his "full solidarity" to the UK and said he would make the attack a talking point at next week's Council summit in Brussels.


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