Reports: WB Wants to Make a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Movie Trilogy and Oh My God Why Is Anyone Surprised by This

Submitted by Gizmodo on August 30, 2016 - 4:04pm

The sky is blue. Water is wet. And Warner Bros., the same studio that turned The Hobbit into a trilogy of epic-length movies, allegedly would not just like to make the new Harry Potter play into a movie trilogy of its own, but chase down Daniel Radcliffe and get him to return as the bespectacled wizard. Shocking!

American Airlines just broke up one of best management teams in modern airline history (AAL, UAL)

Submitted by Tech Insider on August 30, 2016 - 3:51pm

Scott Kirby

Shortly after American Airlines announced the departure of company president Scott Kirby on Monday, United Airlines announced his arrival as its new president. 

Kirby's move over to American's major rival aside, the long-time executive's departure breaks up one of the most successful airline management teams in recent history.  


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